BMC-84 Bonds

August 8, 2013

Interstate Capital is now offering FMCSA compliant BMC-84 property broker bonds in $75,000 denominations with annual premiums as low as as 1% o.a.c. Premiums are based on credit score and qualification does not require a minimum net worth. Bonds are marketed jointly with Interstate’s partner, Chicago-based HUB International. HUB employs 6,500 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and projects annualized revenue of $1.2 billion in FY 2013.

Bonds require a factoring agreement with Interstate Capital, and are subject to Interstate Capital i) approving all shipper accounts, ii) taking an assignment of all shipper accounts; and iii) disbursing funds on motor carrier freight bills directly to the motor carrier, whether factored or not.

Qualified freight brokers are not required to factor every invoice; however, non-factored invoices are subject to a processing fee of $19.99 or 1% of the invoice amount, whichever is greater.

Interstate Capital has factored over $4 billion of invoices for thousands of motor carriers for over 20 years.

To obtain a property broker bond and factoring rate quote, or for more information about Interstate Capital’s property broker bond program, please complete the form on the left, contact Sarah Williams at, or call Sarah at (800) 422-0766.


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