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"This service is great! It really was free and quickly registered my MC authority for me. The process was very simple, and I highly recommend!"

— Michael Osborne

Welcome to, the only site on the Internet where owner/operators and motor carriers pay nothing for the preparation of their interstate authority application. Start the registration process today by filling our the “Register Today” form on this page.

Need truck insurance?

Call today for your no-obligation truck insurance quote. We are standing by to provide you quick and affordable coverage whether you have one truck or a large fleet. Contact us today at (702) 907-6871.

We can prepare and file your BOC-3.

Interstate motor carriers must file a BOC-3 form with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration BEFORE your certificate (for common carriers) or permit (for contract carriers) will be issued. We can prepare and file your BOC-3 or only $39.99. Your authority will not become “active” until your BOC-3 is filed with FMCSA.

Who is FreeMCAuthority.Com?

FreeMCAuthority.Com is a business unit of Interstate Capital, North America’s leading transportation factoring company for 20 years and Interstate Trucking Alliance, an independent insurance agency since 1995. FreeMCAuthority.Com not only assists motor carriers and owner/operators with their insurance needs and filing their MC or DOT.

We also:

-provide fuel advances to motor carriers through Interstate Capital, a transportation factoring company
-provide transportation factoring through our parent factoring company,
-pay motor carriers 100% (freight bill funding) within 2 hours of delivery when they use our truck stop scanning technology
-provide fuel debit cards to motor carriers that save you a MINIMUM of $.06 per gallon at the pump on diesel purchases
-find freight for motor carriers on our FREE freight matching site and load board,
-provide unlimited freight broker credit reports on our FREE transportation credit bureau,

For more information:

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Fuel Advances for Motor Carriers: (800) 422-0766
Freight Bill Funding: (800) 422-0766
Fuel Cards for Motor Carriers: (800) 422-5995
Information about Factoring Companies: (800) 422-5995


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